River Parrett Trail Race Instructions/Rules

A .pdf copy of this page is available HERE 

An overview map of the course is HERE

It is recommended that the nominated team captain distribute a copy of these Rules, Safety Instructions, Timing Sheets and Marshal Position Information. 

As a safety precaution dogs are not allowed to accompany runners at this event.

CAR PARKING  (Please Use the Designated  Car Parks at all Change Over Points)
This year the Parrett Trail Route has not changed and we have with the kind permission of Landowners and Landlords secured parking places near the start of Leg 1. (Steart Nature Reserve). Leg 2 (Field near Chiltern Trinity turn Right into Straight Drove, [Marked No Through Road] at the Tee Junction turn Right into road marked [No Unauthorised Vehicles] continue on this road/track and Car Park is on the Left) 
As this field is combination N° controlled we request that all vehicles are removed after completion of Leg 1 and the start of Leg 2 as the farmer can then return all livestock to this area. Failure to comply will result in car owners contacting the Landowner to release the cars.
Leg 3 (The Boat and Anchor Inn). NOTE THE BOAT AND ANCHOR CAR PARK IS NOT TO BE USED FOR THIS EVENT. (Please park in the small area near the Canal or a suitable place in the road). Leg 5. The Church Hall Car park is the first choice Car park but should a Church event be taking place use the field as designated on the route details opposite but only if the grass is dry and ensure that the last person leaving shuts the gate otherwise park in some other suitable area. Leg 5 Finish and Leg 6 Start (Community Field opposite Haselbury Mill). The owner of Haselbury Mill has allowed us to use this field on Race Day. THIS IS NOT THE PARKING AT THE MILL ITSELF.
Please respect these landowners requests as we will require further use next year.

The start remains as previous years by kind permission of England Nature ( STEART NATURE RESERVE) {See Car Parking] We have tried to clarify the changeover points by adding information to the Web Site (www.parrettrace.btck.co.uk)

Leg 1 Finish and Leg 2 Start is as last year with car parking on private land as agreed with the landowner for Race Day Only. This area must not be used under any circumstances for car parking to carry out recce runs before the event. 

Leg 2 Finish and Leg 3 Start. The change over is at the BOAT AND ANCHOR INN at Huntsworth. (See Car Parking). For recce runs use the Canal Side Car Park ONLY unless a patron of the BOAT AND ANCHOR INN. (Please park in the small area near the Canal or a suitable place in the road).

Leg 4 Finish and Leg 5 Start. Parking for finish of Leg 4 and start of Leg 5 will normally be in the church hall car park. Should the church be holding any event so as to render the Car Park unavailable for the PTR the field opposite can be used but only in dry conditions. This has been agreed with the landowner and should be respected.  The finish of Leg 4 will be at the Car Park as stated above or alternatively in the field opposite. This will be clarified by the Marshal at the beginning of the Leg.

Leg 6 Finish (Community Field opposite Haselbury Mill). The owner of Haselbury Mill has allowed us to use this field on Race Day. THIS IS NOT THE PARKING AT THE MILL ITSELF.

Leg 7 Start. On the South side of the A30.  Runners of this leg are to meet in the field as stated above and then led in an orderly fashion across the A30 to the start line as defined by the Marshal. (NOTE! This is a fast and dangerous road, Please be careful when crossing,)


The Parrett Trail Relay Race is a 7 Stage relay run with varying distances of legs from 5.4 Miles to 10.2 Miles on permissive and public rights of way following the long distance path from the mouth of the river Parrett on the North Somerset coast. It crosses the country to the finish just over the border in Dorset close to the source of the river Parrett at Winyards Gap.

The total measured route is approximately 50 Miles. This relay is broken down into 7 stages, the distance of each stage varies between 5.4 Miles and 10.2 Miles (depending on organisational constraints). Please see the route obtainable from the website (www.parrettrace.btck.co.uk)

Legs Will Be:-  
Leg 1.    Steart - Chiltern Trinity   (10.2 Miles)    Cut Off Time 2 Hours
Register From 9.00       Start Time  9.30   
Leg 2.    Chiltern Trinity  -  Boat and Anchor Inn  (Huntsworth)  (5.6 Miles) Cut Off Time 1 Hour 10 Mins
Register From 10.00       Start Time  10.30    
Leg 3.    Boat and Anchor Inn  -  Oath Bridge  (7.7 Miles) Cut Off Time 1 Hour 30Mins
Register From 10.30       Start Time  11.00  
Leg 4.    Oath Bridge  - Kingsbury Episcopi      (7.7 Miles) Cut Off Time 1 Hours 30 Mins.
Register From 11.15       Start Time  11.45     

Leg 5.    Kingsbury Episcopi  -  Ham Hill  (Norton Car Park)  (6.4 Miles)  Check Point at the Prince of Wales Pub.  Cut Off Time 1 Hours 30 Mins.
Register From 12.00       Start Time  12.30    

Leg 6.    Ham Hill  (Norton Car Park  -  Haselbury Mill  (6.6 Miles) Cut Off Time 1 Hours 30 Mins.                                                                                                      Register From 12.30       Start Time  13.00     

Leg 7.    Haselbury Mill  -  Winyards Gap Pub (Cheddington)  (5.4 Miles) Cut Off Time 1 Hours 15 Mins.
Register From 13.00       Start Time  13.30     

NOTE!  If all teams are in attendance prior to the start time the start time can be brought forward with the consent of the runners.

Nominated Team Captains have been provided with:-
Race Numbers, Marshal Leg List, Timing Sheets and Safety Instructions.


The information provided, together with official Parrett Trail signs marking the route should be sufficient to follow the Trail on foot. At speed it is so easy to get lost.
Navigation is the responsibility of each individual runner.

Ordanance Survey Maps useful For navigating the Parrett Trail EXPLORER MAPS 140, 128, 129, and 118


1.   The event is a 7 Leg relay race over approximately 50 Miles. Run by teams of 7 runners with mixed teams having 2 or more female runners. Navigation is a key challenge for all teams.

2.    All teams and their runners must abide by the Law, the Highway Code and the Country Code. The official course of the Parrett Trail must be used. (NO SHORTCUTS)

3.   Each runner and team is responsible for following the correct route and making sure that they go the right way. There are no Marshals or Markers. If a runner goes off route, they should return to the same place they left the route and then continue to complete the leg.

4.   Each team is responsible for transportation of it's runners to the beginning and at the end of each leg. Please share Transport whenever possible.

5.   At the end of each leg, a goodie bag will be distributed to each runner. There are no water stations on route. Please carry your own water or drink.

6.   Runners must register with the Marshals at the start of their leg. It is the runners responsibility to be registered and prepared to run at the allocated start time (See Rule 10).  However should all runners for the leg be available in advance of the start time the race can proceed with the consent of all the runners. 
Late changes to team members can cause problems to the organisation and are discouraged but in the event of any late team changes they should be E-Mailed to Tracy Symes (traclsymes@gmails.com)  prior to the event or at the end of the race at the Wynyards Gap Pub. Otherwise runners names may not get updated in the results.

7.   Teams may accompany their runners on Bike or Foot. However, in the spirit of the relay this should not be done so that the runner is given an unfair advantage.

8.   The start and finish of each leg will be marked where possible.

9.  A cut off finish time will be applied to each leg giving a max time of between 1 Hr 10 Mins and 2 Hours depending on the distance of the stage. Most runners should be within this time which equates to Approx 13min/miles. Runners over this time will be given the Max Time. Please see Timing sheet for each leg on Introduction Para. (As Above)

10.   Non starters at any leg will incur a 1 Hour penalty in addition to the leg time.

11.   Each change over area is scheduled to close 30 Minutes after the cut-off time, or when the last runner finishes the leg, whichever is the earlier. Teams and/or team captains are responsible for their own transport and safety.

12.   To ensure that the runners follow the correct route runners may have to pass through checkpoints. Failure to be checked in will incur an additional 15 minute penalty.

13.   The  winning team in each category will be the team with the fastest cumulative time.

14.   The organisers accept no liability for injury, loss or damage to any person or property. Failure to abide by the rules may result in a penalty. This penalty will be decided by the organising committee. In accepting entry to the relay, teams automatically agree to abide by the rules.

15.   Clarification  of any of these rules can be done through the Marshals at each changeover. 


17.   Each team must nominate a Team Captain to act as liaison member to assist in the event of Injury or Accident.

18.   There is NO medical provision or FIRST AID cover available due to the nature of the course.

FINALLY-  The relay encourages good sportsmanship amongst teams. This means good fair competition at the same time looking after and supporting others, giving them water and ensuring everyone's safety. We want the relay to be enjoyable, friendly and a successful event that you and your club or team will return year after year.


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